FotoFlexer_NoraHas Nora Ephron, the Queen auteur of the rom-com, done for foodies what she previously did for Meg Ryan? No, not make their mouse teeth look normal. Has she made it socially acceptable to love to eat? While Americans are world class gluttons, Hollywood still believes in an Auschwitz aesthetic for the celebrities they parade in film and television. That is why Meryl Streep gets kudos for her performance as the grande dame of French cooking, Julia Child in Ephron’s latest film, “Julie and Julia.” Streep packed on the pounds and the height to play the giantess of the culinary literati. Co-star Amy Adams, however, would have us believe that after a year of eating butter-laden French meals she would still weigh in at a modest 38 pounds or whatever gravity-defying weight she is.

While thin on plot, suspense and health, “Julie and Julia” is an enjoyable bio pic about 2 women mining the same pot of stew. Don’t go hungry or high. Bonus points for Stanley Tucci for being the go-to actor for food movies. If you haven’t seen “Big Night” yet, steal it today. One quibble, actor Chris Messina has a lot to learn about dining courtesy. Jesus, close your mouth when you’re chewing!

Speaking of Jesus, isn’t it fun when the preachy fall back to earth. No, I’m not talking about the C Street philanderers, but rather baseball star Josh Hamilton.

FotoFlexer_JoshhamiltonJosh Hamilton battled many years of alcohol, drug and tattoo abuse to reclaim his life and his career. He found sobriety and the always missing Jesus, and made his way to becoming an All-Star. Good for him. Then, this past winter, he had a relapse and was lucky enough to have a friend available with a camera. Hardest part of the story: explaining to his wife why he was using a “hand cup”.

And while we’re on the subject of idiots who love to share their special Jesusy values, Sarah Palin weighed in on the torturous national debate on health care reform to proclaim her opposition to Obama’s “Death Panels” because they might be used to murder her son, Trig. Wow, if Obama murdered Trig, how would we be reminded of what a great mom Sarah Palin is? Don’t do it, Mr. President. Go watch “Julie and Julia” instead. I mean, again.

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