On November 25th, Etouffe’s birthday by the way, I finally decided to take my Hillary sign out of the yard. Others had been doing it since the election, but I kept putting it back up. A resistance movement? Not so much. I just wanted people driving down our street to know that her Mims and I weren’t insane. We weren’t ready to concede that 60 million of our countrymen, some friends and relatives, could pull the lever for such an obvious conman. A conman running on the dimmest of slogans: Make America Great Again. I won’t even concede that the phrase is harkening back to some racist time that every klansman would know. I think it was a reject slogan from Chevy or Wendy’s or MelloYello.

If you (singular reader) haven’t gathered by now, I run a political marketing firm. Here’s some inside baseball info for you: we rarely elect the best and brightest. Mostly, it’s wealthy narcissists. Paranoid ones who clutch to petty slights and dream of exacting revenge. They drive their consultants crazy with their Enemies of Carlotta lists, and just when we’re ready to kill each other the campaign ends. So, good luck, Trumpie. Hope you make it through the year.

fotoflexer_lourdesOn the positive side of the election year, Mims and I were honored to host an exchange student from Bolivia for 2 weeks. While I was not sold on the idea at first, it didn’t take long to feel blessed. Lourdes became our “daughter,” and a special part of our lives. Her English was way better than my Espanol. She said I sounded Japanese when I tried to speak Spanish. Also, she was pleased by our extensive CD and DVD collections. She flipped when she saw we had Gorillaz. Of course, I tried to get her interested in every Indie band I could think of (more on that).

Sadly, I promised her a Hillary victory. I even ordered her a hat and shirt from the ImWithHer store. But it was not to be. Apparently, there is a strong desire to make America a banana republic. So we can’t share the joy of seeing the USA elect it’s first female president, however, Lourdes, Her Mims and I will always have David S. Pumpkins. Any questions?

Lourdes did want to see a live concert while she was visiting. Our options were Har Mar Superstar or Rooney. I’m happy to report we chose correctly. Robert Schwartzman (Jason’s little brother) was pure rock star, even if only 50 people showed. Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew could not have been more gracious and more entertaining. As a bonus, they even have new record out: “Washed Away.” I’m not making any promises, but if I go back to publishing “Best Of” lists this should make the Best of 2016.

fotoflexer_rooneyRobert stopped to have his picture taken with all of us, and to chat. He seemed genuinely interested in his fans. Especially one who had traveled all the way from Bolivia to see him. I did get a brief interview in, and, finally, someone answered “the question” correctly. Read on:

Me: Man, that was a great show. Way better than Phantom Planet.
RS: Hey, thanks. Well…
Me: How come your brother wasn’t in “Royal Tennenbaums?”
RS: I don’t know.
ME: He could have played Ari or Uzi.
RS: Ok.
ME: Final question that I ask all musicians: Rolling Stones or Blur?
RS: What do you mean?
ME: Which band rocks harder?
RS: I gotta go with Blur. I love them. Yeah! All right.
ME: Holy crap! That’s it. Thank you!

And just for sticking around for the interview, I’ll leave you with a little taste of Rooney. You’re welcome, kind sir. Or madam.