Guns don’t kill people. Bullets do. Well, bullets fired from guns actually. I guess if you forced someone to swallow a box of bullets that might kill them, but it sure sounds like a lot of work. Why not just shoot them? I bring this up in light of the sentence that one-time Super Bowl “hero” Plaxico Burress received for carrying an unlicensed and concealed weapon into a night club and then shooting himself. Oopsie. Brother got 2 years.

FotoFlexer_PlaxandBernieWhich reminds me of another NYC shooter who liked to carry a concealed weapon, Bernhard Goetz. The “Subway Hero” shot 4 assailants who were attempting to intimidate him into giving them $5. Goetz was sentenced to 8 months in jail. Probably should have just taken his beating. Hell, it only would have cost him 5 bucks.

Is there a point to this, you ask? Always harassing me with questions! Well, yes, the point is that carrying guns is never, let me repeat that -never- a good idea. Unless you’re a soldier, a cop or a hunter. No, need to ever have a gun on you, concealed or otherwise. End of discussion.

But, philistine, what if I feel threatened? Then call a cop, a soldier or a hunter. Would Plaxico Burress really be your first choice to call?

But, I’m a criminal, I need my gun. Is that a question? Okay, first off, you shouldn’t carry a weapon to commit your crimes. Study sentencing guidelines. It’s always worse when you have a gun. Second, have you ever thought of joining the military? They have guns!

A well-armed citizenry is not a deterrent to crime. Name one instance when a crime was prevented because John Q. Public pulled out a concealed weapon. Never happens. And don’t use Goetz; that was revenge vigilantism and you know it.

Do we really want to live in a society that allows any moron with a gun to carry it in public concealed or otherwise? I don’t. When I see news footage of these assholes brandishing firearms at presidential town hall meetings I get very discouraged. It wasn’t so long ago that Americans were arrested for wearing anti-Bush t-shirts to public meetings, and now it’s okay to wear an assault weapon. Not on my watch.

That is why I am encouraging all of my reader to take action. If you see someone carrying a gun in a large group of people, please remove your taser from it’s concealed location and blast them in the head. Believe me, they will respect your right to bear an arm, otherwise they’re just all hypocrites.