What can live theater tells us about the human condition? Well, dramas tell us that there are consequences to murdering people, usually tragic. Comedies tell us that after some period of gender indentification confusion somebody will be married. Hmm? I guess live theater does not tell us much about regular stuff, like over-eating, avoiding bill collectors and hobbits. That being said, I must urge anyone visiting the north eastern United States to see “Wonder of the World.” It shall be playing over the next 3 weeks and promises to be a delightful evening of merriment and hijinx. Some may even call it “absurd.” It features my kid sister, Gab, who some might call “absurd.” Please spend $10 and enjoy a night of live theater. You can always TiVo “The Love Boat.”

Post-Thanksgiving Interlude: Our editorial staff has decided to call off our boycott of Thanksgiving. Though we hate made up holidays like Grandparents Day, Boxer Day and Memorial Day, we made a special point last year of pointing out the unhistorical likelyhood of Thanksgiving. First off, we said, there were many Spanish colonies in the U.S. nearly 200 years before Jamestown. Why don’t we eat paella on Thanksgiving? Oh, and what about Jamestown? Just because they were merchants here to steal natural resources doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a holiday. I’m sure they ate some maize and wild game bird too.

Anyway, we apologize. Thanksgiving is fine. There’s something positive to be said about a Thursday holiday. It really breaks up the week and it gives banks less time to lose money. Plus, we love the pumpkin pie. Something they apparently don’t have in South America! Way to go, Pilgrims. Way to go.