Or perhaps the debt of The National, as record sales will drop as people listen to their music for free. You know, the way radio killed the careers of Elvis and the Beatles. Let me just say a hearty thank you to Spotify for letting me listen to the back catalog of Lifter Puller, the new Beirut and new Wye Oak, all of which I intend to purchase. And also for letting me listen to Lykke Li and Foster the People which I do not. Suck it Pitchfork.

I guess I could have used the Spots to listen to the new Wilco, but instead I pre-ordered the special edition plus a t-shirt. Starts out a little like Wilcohead, but then drifts into poppy/alt country “Summerteeth” Wilco. Love it, even if they still wander into German jazz territory. 4 Stars. Bless the kids. All will be right in Jerusalem.

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But back to the debt, for a second. Please enjoy the graph below, but don’t attempt to share with your conservatard friends. They will scream “fuzzy math” all the way to their little bus. Print it out and put it on your ice box. It will make you smile as President Romney and his magic underwear declare war on poverty: This Time Poverty Will Be Crushed!