On a trip to New York in the 80s, I discovered Spy Magazine. I became a subscriber until they stopped publishing in the mid-90s. If you’re not familiar with Spy, it was a precursor to the Onion only they focused a lot of their satire at the “short-fingered vulgarian” known as Donald J. Trump. Nearly 30 years ago, they predicted the comic rise of a national nightmare/joke. One might say that Spy destroyed satire. On November 9th, many of us might be thinking: what now?

fotoflexer_bejarSpeaking of Destroyer, I had the pleasure recently to see Dan Bejar perform a solo show that was by all accounts divine. It’s not just his unique voice, his biblical prophet/renaissance painter look or his 70s jazzy style of indie rock that was so appealing. It was all of that, and. And his way around a song structure that blended storytelling with free form poetry. One might call it Nobel Prize winning caliber, but we’ll see.

The interview didn’t go so well, as I caught him standing near the restroom. He was extremely nice, but seemed fragile and I didn’t want to be the one to send him into a tailspin. I approached with an introduction of my own.

ME: Dan. Hey meet your label mate. My sister’s doing an album with Misra.
DB: Oh, yeah. (To Comedy Sister) Do you know (Ted)?
GAB: No, I’m working with a local guy.
DB: That’s cool.
ME: How about some pictures?
DB: Sure.

And that was it. I didn’t even get to ask Stones, Blur or Sloan (our Canadian edition of the popular quiz show). I also wanted to ask who he reads. He just seemed like a guy who polishes off a book a week. Maybe next time.

fotoflexer_lynn-whitfieldSpeaking of destroying it, here’s a picture of me with Hollywood great, Lynn Whitfield. Ms. Whitfield was in town as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton. They told us Ted Danson was coming, but I wasn’t complaining. She crushed it for Hillary. In a room packed with Democrats, I bet 85% of those in attendance will vote for Hillary. If they vote at all. And if you’re going to fire up the faithful, who better to light the match then the woman who portrayed Josephine Baker? I told her how much I loved her in “Silverado,” and she gave me a high-five. She said, “no one ever brings that one up.” I told her that Goldblum was a native son. We follow him closely. Love his work for Apartments.com.

I also had the honor recently of meeting a real national hero, Representative John Lewis. This man was a freedom marcher who put his body on the line to bring equality to the South. He took more batons to the head than a blind marching band. My goodness, he was so kind to all of us waiting to take a picture. He also gave a great speech that was even respectful of the short-fingered vulgarian. All he asked was that we vote. I guess he’s still passionate about that stuff.

fotoflexer_john-lewisOn a strange note, he thanked me profusely for all of the support my brothers in the Plumbers and Steamfitters Unions have given him over the years. Huh? Oh, the shirt was a “gift” I picked up on Labor Day. Oops. You’re welcome, Congressman. You’re welcome.

Should have had one more photo to share, but Ben Folds blew me off. Me and 50 other people. Realtor Dennis took me to a VIP reception and show of Ben Minus Four, which was to include a meet and greet. Ben never made it to the meet nor the greet. We did get to sit in on the soundcheck, but, you know, not from the stage. He performed “Zak and Sara” so I’m not complaining. However, when he played “Brick” Realtor D turned to me and asked, “Do you know any of these songs?” Sometimes it goes like that.

His question did get me thinking. Mostly about “Westworld.” Man, I am loving that show, but I am starting to spot AI among us. Seriously, how else can you explain these Trump crowds.