It only took presumptive Democratic Nominee Barack Muhammad Ali Obama 1 day to respond to an allegation from George W. Bush that he would “appease” terrorists in the same manner that France “appeased” Hitler. Obama called the “President’s” remarks “fear-mongering” and “incorrect.” At last count, it has been 1,320 days since John Kerry did not respond to George W. Bush’s assertions that he would “hug” Osama Bin Laden if given a chance to meet the 9/11 mastermind in a San Francisco bath house. So there you have it: Obama is a better candidate for president than John Forbes Kerry. Hoozah.

Interestingly, though, we at le Philistine just recently found out that this is actually actor Dennis Haysbert and not presumptive Democratic nominee, Barack Rumi Obama. In our defense, they are both in a lot of television commercials which we usually mute. It was a less than honest mistake and we apologize. Hopefully this will make both Mrs. Haysbert and Mrs. Obama proud of America. Oops. That’s All State’s stand.

Finally, this note from our Hollywood Bureau. “Iron Man” continues to “steel” the box office receipts and Robert Downey, Jr. continues to elude police. We can only assume this new success in his film career has lead the troubled actor back into the arms of Lady C – the El Grande Cocaina. Best of luck, Bobby. We anticipate you being replaced in “Iron Man II: The Search for Spock” by Matthew Perry.