Making fun of right wing nuts, Fox ghouls and Palinistas is a hobby here at Le Philistine. However, we always did so with our Gene Simmons-like tongue epoxied to our cheek. We always laughed “near them” knowing that the U.S.A. is not some backwater former Soviet Republic. For every Tea Party enthusiast there are hundreds of Ivy League educated leaders using their “thinking machines” to improve lives and make this is a better, though somewhat, oilier world.

Then along comes Sharron Angle, the Tea Party U.S. Senate candidate turned Republican primary winner in Nevada, who has taken heat for a number of extreme affiliations and policy positions that sound like they originated in the Asian Steppes. One of her more incendiary comments was a statement she made during a radio interview last January in which she proclaimed the public would bring down an out-of-control Congress with “Second Amendment remedies.”

Angle also used the threat of “Second Amendment remedies” if she doesn’t win the election against Harry Reid in November. Has she learned nothing from history? At least the decent right wing nuts of Minnesota had the common sense to tamper with Senator Paul Wellstone’s plane and not shoot him to achieve their goals. Oops.

Of course, Angle’s political theories on how to manage a government sound eerily similar to situations in Asia. Kyrgyzstan’s interim leader Rosa Otunbayeva said recently that the death toll from savage ethnic violence and “second amendment remedies” in the south of the country could be as high as 2,000. Hundreds of thousands of ethic Uzbeks were forced to flee their homes as un-friendly fire descended upon them from their neighbors and co-workers.

Kyrgyzstan, having just survived a bloody coup, took the opportunity of having a weak government to exterminate many of their fellow citizens. Could this same remedy be in store for the illegal hospitality workers of Las Vegas if Angle Annie Oakley gets elected?

And what of our ally Hamid Karzai, The Big Feta of Afghanistan? Although the Taliban insurgency remains the greatest threat to Afghanistan’s stability, graft at almost every level of society remains a major complaint of ordinary Afghans and anyone shady enough to be doing business with the country. In Afghan society, “second amendment remedies” are a way of life. Just ask Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

To her credit, Angle has made a number of truly bat-shit crazy suggestions. Abolish Social Security? Check. Abolish Medicare? Check. Deny abortions to victims of rape? Holy Check! See, God even has a plan for an ill-conceived little life form. Who cares if it’s existence is a constant reminder to Mom that she wants to blow her brains out. Not Sharron Angle.

The Tea Party: It Has to be a Democratic Ploy to Hold onto Power! Right? Is this on?