Pre-rant announcement to make. I’ve just coined the term “Reich Winger” TM to describe race-baiting conservatives who pledge their fealty to evil corporations. Please feel not-so-free to use it. 5 cents, please.

FotoFlexer_MicheleBachmannSpeaking of Reich Wingers, Congressional Loon Michele Bachmann Turner Overblown had this to say about Keith Olbermann and MSNBC: “Quite honestly, I don’t even know anything about MSNBC. It’s not a network that I watch and most of the American people agree with that assessment. They aren’t watching it either. And that’s why Fox’s ratings – I mean it’s like CNN, CNBC, MSNBC combined. I think Fox even exceeded one of the major networks last week. They’re on the ascendency.”

Most of the American people agree? Try the vast, humongous majority don’t watch any cable news. Fox (including their Friends) average daily viewership of 1.6 million viewers in a nation of 350 million people. Heckuva job, Foxie.

We are told all of the time how influential Rush Limpwrist is because he has 10 million listeners and impotency. Every day, 340 million Americans choose not to listen to Rush. He must be using some other kind of mind melding sphere of influence to reach them. Maybe he reaches them through NA meetings.

To put Fox’s success into perspective. 75 million viewers turned on to watch the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. In fairness, Ed didn’t have to compete with O’Reilly. I’m sure only 74.5 million would have wanted to hold John’s hand. I’d also wager a guess that young Michele didn’t have her Siberian Husky eyes glued to the Fab Four. Probably had a Junior John Birch Meeting that night.

Bachmann, bless her crazy soul, claims that Obamacare is going to create sex clinics at public schools to perform abortion on demand without parental notification. As long as you can also get a teeth cleaning then I’m for it! Not sure what that means.

Finally, saw Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story” this past weekend. He really, really loves Obama. And FDR. A great one-sided documentary with comedy. Fantastic scene of Chief of Staff Don Regan barking at President Ronald Reagan to “speed it up.” Who yells at a President? Moore asks. Why the former CEO and Chairman of Merrill Lynch, I guess. He even refers to the Gipper as the Spokesmodel President for corporate America. Fly to a multi-plex near you today.