When failed businessman, Donald Trump refused to allow Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and a bi-partisan delegation of House members to travel to Brussels and Afghanistan many in the mainstream media portrayed it as an act of revenge. This, said the Tapper-class, was payback for Pelosi suggesting Trump postpone the annual State of the Union address. When asked if she thought that was the case, Pelosi replied, “I don’t think he’d be that petty. Do you?

No, Nancy, I don’t. I think he wanted to prevent you from achieving the mission of your visit, which was to assuage our NATO Allies that the United States was not going to withdraw from NATO. Trump, who falsely campaigned on the premise that the “deadbeat nations” in Europe were not paying their fair share of NATO, has recently repeated his ambition to withdraw. So you have to ask: how would abandoning NATO benefit the US?

It wouldn’t. It would benefit Russia. Now why would a failed businessman want to benefit a hostile foreign government that led a cyber attack on the 2016 US elections? Perhaps history might provide a clue.

In the 1930’s, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement to Nazi Germany emerged from the failure of collective security on behalf world nations. The League of Nations, the precursor to NATO, was set up after World War I to build international cooperation and prevent another world war. League members were entitled to support from other members to prevent naked aggression. You know, like Russian tanks rolling in to Crimea. It appeared to be ineffectual when confronted by the aggression of dictators, notably Germany’s invasion of the Rhineland. Upon occupying the Rhineland, Hitler was convinced that the international community would not resist him and put Germany in a powerful strategic position. You know, like sending troops to the border of the Ukraine.

Which brings us back to Nancy Pelosi, seen above with yours truly. She not only is the most powerful woman in the history of the US, but she is also the “wall” that the failed businessman so covets. Though, instead of blocking asylum seekers, Nancy the Wall blocks Trump’s more heartless and idiotic base desires such as appeasing Vladmir Putin. And if we are going to save this 250 year experiment in democracy, you, Joe and Jane Mouthbreather are going to need her on that wall, want her on that wall.