If you’re only going to see one movie this week, then speed walk to your nearest omniplex to catch Indiana Jones and the Search for Spock’s Crystal Skull. The movie is the latest Lucas/Spielberg collaboration that involves Indiana Jones, space aliens, greasers and Ewoks (sort of – yub yub.) It has been 19 years since the last Indiana Jones movie, but the 65-year-old Harrison Ford (pictured with co-star Karen Allen outside the Capitol) is up for the task of playing an action star. He beats up Russians, he out runs bullets and an atomic bomb, he survives 3 waterfalls and even smacks Beowulf around. He even finds out he’s Shia the Beef’s daddy-o. Spoiler alert! (Oh, wait, is that supposed to go in front of the spoiled news?) Anyway, the implausible plot does nothing to detract from the fun movie that breezes along at around 5 hours. And by implausible, I mean, a tenured professor gets pushed out of a university? Really? On what planet?

Hey, this movie is the perfect cure for those high gas prices? How? You have to drive to an air-conditioned theater. Dammit! I forget about that. Anyway, it is a fun little action flick and Ford is still a delight in a fedora.

They (Fox News) say old people don’t matter anymore. Well, Harrison Ford proves them (Fox News) wrong. And by the way, didn’t Hillary “win” Indiana? Just checking.