Here come guns to the rescue one more time. Damn, these ineffectual Republicans! Can’t seem to get anything right. All right, your old friend the Gun is here to help. What can I do? Shoot the gavel? Pistol whip the Sergeant at Arms? Scream “Yee Haw” and fire off a few rounds in the rotunda? There has to be some way to stop this here Socialism.

Like the signs says, I didn’t vote for the Socialist. I voted for the creepy, old guy with the cheek goiter and the moose-fucking retard lady.

No, but seriously, he said winkingly, it took cutting a pro-life deal with Bart Stupak to pass Healthcare Reform? Most healthcare provided by companies has a tax-incentive to pay for it. In a sense, taxpayers fund employee provided healthcare.  Employee funded healthcare allows for reproductive rights! Why does Congress hate maybe-babies? Gelatinous Goo killers!

So I was in the Emergency Room getting my “free” weekly chemo treatments talking to the guy in the bed next to me who was there for his “free” dialysis when this woman, who was there to deliver a baby, started freaking out. She had a co-pay. No, I’m kidding it was “free.”

Not really sure where this post is heading. Still wondering if the best healthcare in the world moved up a notch on the World Health Organization’s ratings board. Take that Estonia! We’re number 36 now. U.S.A. U.S.A.

The bill now heads back to the Senate where Mitch McConnell and Joe Lieberman will face each other in a jowl off. It will get ugly, but I’m sure you already knew that.