So before they took the name Squeeze in 1974, Tilbrook and Difford performed as Captain Trundlow’s Sky Company. By the time they charted in the U.S. they were about to break up for the first time. And by 1985, they reformed and added more new members than Spinal Tarp. In 2004, they told VH1 that they’d never play together again. But off stage, back accounts were behaving terribly.

They are currently on tour as Squeeze, and for geezer rock they are performing quite admirably. As you can see from the set list, they performed “Singles 45’s and Under” from start to finish. While it was enjoyable and they sounded great, I couldn’t help but feel like I was contributing to a pension fund.

I also felt melancholic for a time that never was. Hearing Squeeze always reminds me of how idiotic the music industry is the states. Why weren’t these guys huge here? Did Don Kirschner ignore them? Don Cornelius? Casey Kasem? All of their singles should be talked about like “Yesterday” or, at least “Penny Lane.” They are so good and so unpopular that they almost seem mythic. They were Sloan before Sloan.

Also on the bill was Dave Wakeling performing as The English Beat. I think Ranking Roger gets to perform as The Beat English. The British courts try to be too fair, me thinks. Anyway, I’d forgotten how much 80’s bands relied on the saxophone. Delightful. Dave’s voice couldn’t quite handle the exquisite “I Confess,” but overall it was nice to be a part of the Oldies crowd.

Now let’s see if China Crisis and Thompson Twins can get a tour going. A philistine can dream, can’t they?