FotoFlexer_Rhett2014So I saw Rhett Miller again. 10th time by my count, and each show worth it’s weight in gold dust. Pixie dust, really. The guy plays his heart out, whether it’s just him and his guitar, or with Murray and the fellas. He doesn’t just play a set list. He plays a catalog. So you would think after leaving it all on stage he wouldn’t have time to hang with the Rhett-natics. Sorry, that’s trademarked. Not only did he pose for pictures with Maximum Tom and the Runnin’ Girl, Etouffe and Mrs. E and me (Mims stayed home because the previous night I had lit a fire without opening the flue. Was I drinking? Who can remember such things?), but he also graciously answered my questions.

Me: Which DeLillo novel do you think he wrote for you? Has to be “White Noise,” right?

Rhett: Probably “Underground.” It’s such a massive work. So many themes. But I loved “White Noise” when I was younger. And I love “Libra.” I’m from Dallas, so I get all of that conspiracy stuff.

Me: So you rode bikes on the grassy knoll?

Rhett: I don’t know. I kind of think Oswald got off 2 lucky shots. That’s all.

Me: Really? You don’t think he was a patsy?

Rhett: My grandfather was friends with Jack Ruby. In fact, there’s a whole page in the Warren Report on my grandfather. My grandfather worked with Ruby. Said he was crazy.

Me: So your grandfather was in the mob? Just to clarify.

Rhett: Are you going to buy a t-shirt or what?

So, that’s the interview. Groundbreaking, right? Yeah, I thinks so too. I tried to get him to admit that he is a golden god but no dice, Las Vegas. Which, as you know, means “Those Vegas.”

FotoFlexer_RhettMillerHere’s a picture I took with Rhett on Good Friday circa 2007. How about “Great Friday?” Boy, has he not aged. I look like William Sanderson from “Blade Runner.” Is it the booze? I don’t know because he was drinking double Jamesons at this most recent show. Then again he defended the Warren Commission. What the Eff?

Crap! I forgot to tell him I worked with Arlen Specter. Didn’t even mention the magic bullet. Well, he and the Old 97s are touring this summer. Great. I’ll finish the interview then. I also want to get his thoughts on Vietnam.