FotoFlexer_MouldDoes life get better than a summer concert with Bob Mould with plenty of vino and cheese? No, Fellini, it doesn’t. Her Mims, Maximum Tom and the photographing Natales and yours truly had the pleasure of seeing Sir Mould in the middle of a pasture while he shredded and sang his soul out. Or should I say Sould!

My introduction to the Bob Mould catalog began with the Husket Du release “New Day Rising.” I remember (maybe incorrectly) reading a review in “Rolling Stone” of the record, and the writer describing it as “Plastic Ono Band with melody.” That was good enough for me to use student loan money to buy it!

Bob Mould remains one of the few artists whom I buy everything they put out. Yes, even that electronic stuff from the mid-aughts. However, the one thing I haven’t purchased is his auto-biography, “See a Little Light: The Trail of Rage and Melody.” I mentioned to him that I was hoping to buy one at the merch table. He said, “get it on Amazon. It’s out in paperback.” Is that really the best way to move product, El Bobbo? Come to think of it, there wasn’t anything for sale at the merch table. Just a table! Should have bought it and had him carve his name into it.

Hey, speaking of summer things to do. How about some historical tourism. On this the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, Her Mims and I decided to pay a visit and do our own re-enactment. I drew small straw and had to play Lee. What I never understood was this mythic battle for “the high ground.” Lee’s army arrived first. Why didn’t they go immediately to the high ground? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they didn’t. Just postulating.

FotoFlexer_LincolnHere’s me with the man who gave Linkin Park their name. Nice fellow. Can see why it was so easy for John Wilkes Booth to shoot him. Doesn’t move much.

Tons of new releases to review, but I shan’t. Suffice to say you should run not run to the nearest small retailer and buy The National, Vampire Weekend, Guided By Voices, Camera Obscura and British Sea Power. Am I missing anything? Probably, but you already knew that.

Final thoughts: Hey, Baz Luhrmann’s “Gatsby” isn’t awful. Actually, it’s pretty good. Stays as close to the book as Bazzie can. Not sure about casting Carrie Mulligan, though. Is Gwyneth too old? Or too American? Yeah, I said it. Red, White and Hell Yeah! F. Scott! AR-15s! Sugar!

See what I did there?