Welcome back, reader. Sorry for the delay. Guess I really didn’t have much to say. That’s not true. I just confine my thoughts to 140 characters. More or less. Plus, well, I had some personal issues. And some personnel issues. Damn, adulthood is the worst. Don’t believe me? Ask Lindsey Buckingham.

Well, you can’t ask him while he’s on tour with Fleetwood Mac because they fired him. The guy who wrote “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Last Train to Clarksville” has been kicked out of the band named for founding member, Bob Welch. Bob, who went on to win a Cy Young award with Oakland, could not be reached for comment.

Hey, speaking of comments, the following is an interview with the Hold Steady’s Craig Finn that I pieced together from January of 17. The Hold Steady coincidentally were named after Charles Darwin’s ship, the Intrepid. Legend has it that Darwin would kiss those turtles right on the chops! Gross, Charles! Any way, here’s the interview that I swear is mostly accurate:

Me: Have you seen that horrible Batman vs. Superman movie? What a load of crap.

CF: No, I never really got into comics.

Me: Really? What did you do in those Minnesota winters? Ice fishing.

CF: Yes, ice fishing. No, I mean, I guess I like the Batman movies.

Me: You said earlier that you started work on a novel, and then threw it away after writing 20,000 words. What the hell? Who are you? Hemingway?

CF: I, uh, no, I just. I don’t know. It didn’t seem very good.

Me: Don’t ever do that again!

Etouffe: (Interrupting the interview just like he used to do on radiophilistine) Sure the Replacements are great, but why no love for the Huskers?

CF: I love Husker Du. No, I do. It just seemed like every time I saw them play they would play the full album. I don’t know, the Replacements just seemed to make a career in music seem possible.

Etouffe: We loved the Huskers.

Me: Though, he’s right. They did play “Warehouse” at a rapid speed, and that’s a double album.

CF: Thanks guys.

Me: You’re not full blooded Irish, are you?

CF: No, I’m half Polish. My mother was Polish.

Me: Um, Finn isn’t a Polish name.

CF: What?

Me: Follow that Irish blood and write your novel. Or just novelize your songs. Why not?

Well, that’s the interview. I hope you enjoyed it. Look for a new Hold Steady record soon, and don’t quit your day job, Mueller.