Everyone else is doing their Best of the Aughts (and trying to come up with really clever nicknames for the past 10 years like the Aught No’s or the Naughties), well, we thought we’d post the Worst of the Past 10 years.

The first worst thing is this stupid belief that the decade ended in ’09. Which is like saying, hey remember your tenth birthday when you turned nine? Moronic, but I’ll buy in. So, here we are then:

The Soul Patrol
Terri Schiavo’s Fan Club
Air travel
Yankees/Red Sox
Heckuva job, Brownie
freedom fries
Swift Boaters for Truth
Dan Brown
The American Pie Franchise
overuse of the word “franchise”
Piper Palin
the story arc of “Lost”
Lady Caca, er, Gaga
Autism v. Obesity
Heath Ledger’s pharmacist
The Levy’s of New Orleans, Bernie and Barbara
The levees of New Orleans, also
Social networking
Men ordering appletini’s
The Recount
Auto-tune Evo Pitch Correcting Plug-in
Bill Engvall
Tyler Perry Presents Racial Stereotypes