In recent primary elections held in West Virginia and Kentucky, also known as the Mesozoic Era, President Obama barely won the Democratic vote over prisoner Keith Judd and “Uncommitted.” Experts say that this is a reaction to excessive regulations to the coal industry, however, that would presuppose that coal executives are voting Democratic. Are we really to believe that union coal miners are against improved health and safety standards? Apparently so. Or perhaps it’s just unabashed racism, which is as abundant as coal in these two backwater red states.

Keith Judd, a man serving a 17.5 year sentence in a Texas prison, got 40% of the vote in West Virginia. I’m sure there was a lot of sister-kissing and couch burning to celebrate that night! And as the Beaumont Enterprise added, “nearly 70,000 West Virginians would rather have an actual criminal in the White House, than the current occupant.”

Kentuckians went a step further by voting at a 42% clip for “Uncommitted,” a candidate so flip-floppy he won’t even go by a name!

Both Kentucky and West Virginia lead the nation in adult illiteracy, childhood obesity, alcoholism, crystal meth production and basketball. These are poor states who rely heavily on the federal government for food, shelter, clothing and teeth. What kind of message are they sending to the President? We need more? Not voting for him isn’t going to get his attention. He has Hollywood celebrities and sports champions to entertain.

It makes you wonder how people who are probably having critter for dinner tonight might actually vote for a man who owns 5 houses, one of which has an elevator for his cars. Andrew Jackson is probably spinning on a rotisserie in Hell right now just thinking about it.