FotoFlexer_Van JonesVan Jones recently resigned his post at the White House, where he served as the Green Jobs Czar (or Tsar, if you’re picky) because of pressure from Fux Opinions Gun Bleck. Bleck and his coterie of clotpolls lit up the White House circuit board to protest that not only was Jones a “truther” but that he also had the temerity to call Republicans “assholes” at a public meeting. Fired? Jones should have been promoted and given Monica Lewinsky as an assistant.

Wednesday night President Obama addressed Congress to discuss his healthcare reform initiative and was called a liar by South Carolina weasel Joe Wilson. A Republican member of congress calls the president a liar on national television and Jones is fired for calling them assholes? Joe Wilson is the text book definition of an asshole. Wilson’s an asshole not just because he’s a Republican from South Carolina, but because he challenged the president’s assertion that none of the healthcare reform bills contained free treatment for illegal immigrants. Experts who have read all of the bills agree with President Obama. Swish Limbaugh and Gun Bleck broadcast that under Obamacare all illegals will receive free healthcare. If you’re Joe Wilson who are you going to believe? Your fellow assholes, of course.

And who exactly is Van Jones? He wrote the definitive book on “green jobs”: The Green Collar Economy. He also helped to pass America’s first “green job training” legislation: the Green Jobs Act, which George W. Bush signed into law as a part of the 2007 Energy Bill. He is the co-founder of a number of successful non-profit organizations, including the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Green For All.

At a public meeting in February of this year, Van was asked how was it that the Republican-lead congresses under Bush were able to pass so much legislation without having the clear majorities that the Democrats now enjoy. Van’s response: “They’re assholes.” Big laughs of the uncomfortable variety ensued. Van then went on to say that while Obama is not an asshole, he, Van Jones, can be one. “I can be an asshole,” thus spake Van Jones. Maybe that’s why he got fired. He identified himself with the Star Dancer, Tom DeLay.

What really got Van in trouble, though, was that he once signed a petition asking for a full investigation of the what the Bush Administration knew about what was to become 9/11 prior to it happening. For that he was labeled a “truther.” Imagine that! A Yale-educated attorney wanting to know what intelligence may have passed through the White House before the deadliest terrorist attack ever to occur on our soil happened.

To the pinheads at Fux, wanting to know details, wanting to analyze documents clearly means undermining the president. If George Bush wanted to tell us that midnight is morning then by God who are we to question his judgement. If Sarah Palin wants to contend that she can see Russia from Juneau without use of the Hubble telescope then it must be true. But if Barack Obama tells us that free healthcare for illegals is not on the table, well, he’s just being a liar.

So is this a “teachable moment?” Absolutely, you are now free to call anyone you know who disagrees with President Obama an asshole. I’m looking at you, Kurt Schilling.