FotoFlexer_5thDimesionYou don’t often get the chance when you cover the Indie Rock beat to meet Grammy Award winning legends, but look who got to spend some quality, gambling time with two thirds of the Fifth Dimension, Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. You may remember them from their days of hosting “Solid Gold,” but I’m old enough to remember their television variety show, and not ashamed to admit that “Age of Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In” is on my iPod. Yes, it’s a nano, why do you ask?

If you’re wondering, yes, Ms. Mac still has the chops. My god, her voice sounded incredible on “Up, Up and Away,” the Jimmy Webb classic, and especially on “One Less Bell to Answer,” which I think harkens back to her days as a short order cook. Anyway, here’s an excerpt of my interview, as I remember it:

ME: That was incredible! Marilyn your voice sounds timeless. And, Herb, what can I say?
Billy: My name’s Billy.
ME: Yeah, I get that all the time. So you two are the only surviving members of “Hair?”
Marilyn: What did you say your show was called?
ME: Umm, I’m asking the questions. I have the microphone.
Billy: All I see is a big glass of vodka.
ME: Interview over. Cut!

Fantastic! And speaking of buono musico, run those portly ham-legs to Tower Records and get your link-sausaged fingered hands on the latest classic from Spoon, “They Want My Soul.” I know I say this every time they release a record, but this might be their best since “Kill the Moonlight.” I recommended that my Lobby Boy, Old Sport master the entire catalog of Der Schpoon in an attempt to make him the big, cool man on campus. At last report, he’s playing the ukelele in a band.

Now to tie this all together – music. So Jack Black bragged a lot as the frontman of Tenacious D, but upon further reflection he may have been right about having written the greatest song ever. And while it’s not “Tribute,” I may have to conclude that “Wonderboy” may be the best song ever recorded. Forget Bacharach/David (see how I tied it all together), Lennon/McCartney or even “Good Vibrations” Brian Wilson. “Wonderboy” is the song Led Zep didn’t have the talent to make. Sorry, it’s true. And if you looked inside your soul, you jaded bastard, you just might agree. So stop vaping, and start rockin’. May I present “Wonderboy.”