Remember when Democrats accused Diebold, the makers of electronic voting machines, of rigging the 2004 election so that Bush would “win” re-election? Democrats believed this for 2 reasons: The President of Diebold vowed to do whatever it took for Bush to “win,” and the exit polls in 3 battleground states (Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio) all showed a disparity between how people claimed to vote and the “actual vote.” Hmmm. Well, Kerry conceded and that was that. No one affixed tea or coffee products to their hats and marched on Washington.

Well, we now find that 52% of registered Republicans believe that Obama stole the 2008 elections through fraud perpetrated by ACORN. Wow, 52% – that’s even more than who believe Obama is a secret Kenyan Muslim! At least 52% of these people are unintelligible and Sarah Palin is their LEADER. Going Rouge, indeed.

Speaking of unintelligible, here is an hilarious clip of Joe Cocker performing the Beatles’ “With a Little Help from My Friends” with English subtitles. Enjoy!