Is anyone watching The Watchmen?

Has anyone suggested that perhaps police officers in America are a tad aggressive on their patrols? Does it seem reasonable that the proper response to being punched in the face is to shoot someone in the chest? With a gun. Point blank? That is if you are convinced that the Ferguson, MO grand jury got it right, and that Mr. Brown was the aggressor. Though, prior to being dead Mr. Brown was walking with a friend when the police showed up.

Former Mayor Rudolph Guiliani suggested that white police officers are needed in urban areas to prevent young black men from killing each other. For example, if a white police officer shoots and kills an unarmed young black male then that said black male cannot kill another black male. Problem solved. Except it isn’t.

In non-urban settings young black men are shot and killed for carrying Skittles. They are beaten for carrying Mountain Dew. They are shot dead for playing with a toy gun. Remember that when you watch Ralphie play with his Red Rider bb-gun on those same Cleveland streets during the holidays.

We have a deadly mixture of terrible ideas in this country such as “guns solve problems” and “all young black men are potential criminals.” If we saw handguns less as deterrents to crime and more as tools for committing crime even when being used by officers of peace, and if we started viewing everyone living in America as equal citizens worthy of our respect then we would not have as many dead young people.

Some joke, huh? A majority of white America will always see their dark complected fellow citizens as “takers,” “welfare queens” and “gang bangers,” even when they’re construction workers, nurses or students. Kids.

Here is an instructional video from the 1970s that could very well be a fear-promoting, expose on schools in the hood. Enjoy: