All right, it’s official. We endorse that One! Using the conventional wisdom of cable pundocrats, I’d rather have a drink with this guy. He looks like a tanned Sinatra just rolling in at 6a.m. after shooting craps all night. Granted, McStumps also loves to play craps, but he uses his wife’s money. How lame is that? Also, Crazy Mac was almost single handedly responsible for the proliferation of Indian casinos all over this country. They used to be his largest supporters until “drill, baby, drill” starting writing checks. But they didn’t write checks like the Hollywood celebratocracy. Holy shit, Obama raised $650 million! He couldn’t even spend it all. He tried. Just to screw with Stumpie’s head, Obama ran ads in Arizona the final weekend. Hee-hee. And Hillary said he wouldn’t be tough enough. How do you like him now? I just hope he mentions both Biggie and Tupac in his acceptance speech. That would be awesome. Oh, and I hope Bill Ayers and O.J. join him on stage. Take that, Foxworthy!

Vote Twice – It’s Extra Nice! (I’m from Acorn, and I approve this message!)