So here’s a picture of the “Weirdo Blognesso’s” with comedy royalty Lizz Winstead, co-creator of “The Daily Show.” It’s sad when you start to look older than your parent. Anyway, Lizz is doing God’s work (some might say the government’s work) by touring the country and raising funds for Planned Parenthood. She visited our hamlet and did a terrific show with comedian sister that, hopefully, netted some cash and maybe just touched a few hearts. Visit with reservation for more photos.

My earlier brush with Lizz came in the mid-90s when Craiggers was still hosting the show. I had submitted some writings to them, which consisted of the older, print version of your beloved Philistine. I got a note back from the Head Writer that Lizz would like to see some more samples. Holy crap! I thought as I started to pack up all of my belongings…before wrapping them in a kerchief and attaching them to a stick. We’re going to Hollywood, New York!

Then, as it always does, disaster struck. Kilborn, ever the jocktard (sorry, that’s trade marked) made a disparaging comment about Lizz in Esquire. A feud in the media ensued and Comedy Central backed Kilborn. Smart choice.

To make a short story seem like eternity, I have never written for the Daily Show. Probably just as well, though. I’m not big on topical humour. Hell yeah I spelled it like I’m British. I’d be stealing flat screens too in a show of solidarity!

Final thought on Lizz Winstead: she has a book coming out. Be vigilant in your pursuit.