kiss_me_im_drunk_tshirtHappy St. Pasquale’s Day (or Patrick, if you insist). Of course, before the frat boys can don their green Cat in the Hat chapeaux and their drunk-girl dates puke into their Uggs, a police officer has been shot dead in a republican stronghold in Northern Ireland – the third such killing in 48 hours. Great, just what Obama needed. Another hot zone. Send in Team America! (Finally got around to watching that movie, by the way. Hilarious!)

On Monday night, the officer and a colleague were responding to a call about “suspicious activity” in County Armagh when their patrol cars were attacked and they were fired on; the second officer was injured and Stephen Rea ran into the arms of a transvestite. Two days earlier, a pair of unarmed soldiers were shot dead as they picked up pizzas in County Antrim. No word on whether or not delivery was an option. “Loyalist paramilitaries have so far resisted reaction, despite numerous attacks against police officers over the past 18 months,” The Times of London reports. “But while the death of soldiers is regarded as an attack on the British state, the murder of a local police officer may be interpreted as an attack on the local unionist community.” One local officer was quoted as saying, “No fairsees.”

Le Philistine remains sympathetic to republican causes but will not halt any drinking activities over the next several days. We have accrued way too much Jameson’s to stop the tippling. True story: I have a “diploma” from the Jameson’s distillery. I drank 8 jiggers of whiskey in a little over a minute. Next time you’re in Dublin don’t forget to tour the Jameson’s river of joy juice.

In other news, Dave Matthews continues to piss me off. British geniuses Gomez have a new record out, but I find myself indifferent because they are signed to Matthews ATO label. Plus, when we (the Blognesso’s) saw them live, they attracted DMB Frat-tards. Oh, and I heard today that best live band in the Milky Way, the Hold Steady, are opening for DMB on some dates this summer. Hacky sack meets chill out tent. Story at eleven.