As a political “professional” and a byproduct of a “Prometheus Engineer,” I am often incredulous when the right wingers cannot see what appears to be so obvious to the rest of us. Saint Reagan was a former Democrat, former Union President, non-church-going divorcee who drank and raised taxes, yet he’s the man they want on Rushmore (not the boys school).

Rush Limbaugh was a Top 40 deejay with a severe drug and hooker problem, who became the voice the virtuous party. Glenn Beck was a shock jock who converted to Mormonism. Steve Doocey was a wacky weatherman. Sean Hannity was a feces sweeper in a zoo. They speak for the right wing on social issues.

They worship Donald Trump, who is the only self-made businessman who was bankrolled with a $100million of his father’s wealth. They gobble up his books looking for the secret key to wealth, fame and a stylish doo. Their consideration of him as a serious presidential candidate could only make one scream, “Aw, Shucky Ducky!”

Mitt Romney avoided going to war by preaching the Word of Moroni while living in a mansion in France, a country close to his Swiss bank account. He pays a lower tax rate than most illegal aliens. He fired at least one of your family members and shipped their job to Honduras, which is close to his Cayman money.

And then there is Michelle Bachmann, who knows a thing or 2 about the gays and how they’re destroying her America. Or does she not see the sunglasses hanging right below dog-like nose?