Dear Justice-confirmed Sotomayer, thank you for your Latina wisdom in tacitly recommending we see The Low Anthem. What a delight these Brown U. grads turned out to be. Planet Roz and I checked them out on Tuesday at The Club Cafe and we were not disappointed. It’s not often a trio brings 12 instruments with them and plays them all. I love it when musicians change instruments during sets. I don’t think you were there, Judge, but I saw the Replacements pull it off around 1986. And what the hell was that instrument that looked like glass jars being played with a bow? Fantastic!

I would compare The Low Anthem to Tom Waits v. Sufjan Stevens. In that landmark case, Chief Justice Roberts suggested that it was the first instance where the blues sounded more upbeat than the chamber pop. For once, he got it right. Well done, Chief.

Judge Sotomayer, I believe that like Le Philistine you enjoy Jack Kerouac almost as much as indie rock. That is why I’m posting this video. Enjoy, amiga, enjoy.