Well it’s over, and frankly I don’t think I could have put up with more than a month or 2 more of this.  I probably could have used 1 more debate just to perfect my McCain impersonation, which, by the way, is way more, and I mean way more, notice all the commas, better than Darryl Hammond’s. I even have chubby, baby doll arms and a Popeye jaw. Anyway, congrats to Barack Obama et al. for the super-duper job. Way to go everybody. Seriously. I mean that from here (pointing to head).

Loads of discussion about this victory meaning the end of race/identity politics on the Webernet and such. Which probably makes sense, except for the fact that I spoke with an elected official today, a Democrat, who was incensed about the choice of Rahm Immanuel for Chief of Staff. “He better start picking some white guys, ” said the Enlightened official still basking in his party’s post-racial victory. “Um, Rahm’s Jewish,” I said. “You know, white.” “Really?” came the retort. “Well, he looks like a terrorist!”

And so we begin the Post-Post-Racial political dance. Look, there’s Pat Buchanan still warning about cities being burnt to the ground in celebration. Didn’t happen, right? What, no calls for reparations? Just wait. Rush knows. And Hannity, who, by the by, loves America because he just knows it’s the greatest country Jesus ever drilled, thinks mandatory welfare is going to be imposed any minute now. Just watch.

Oh, well. At least I won some cash and prizes from this race. One post-racial friend who used to work for an unnamed U.S. Senator never thought America would go black. Seriously. He bet cash money that racism would emerge victorious. My other bet was with an African-American Republican friend who insisted Barack would get less of a percentage of the black vote than John Kerry. We bet a nice dinner. I know, shooting the proverbial fish in the heads and billing their families for the bullets.  I also won a bottle of Ketel One from another friend involving the vote of an old labor stalwart.

Anyone want to bet whether or not I collect on any of these bets? Yeah, me neither.