Bill Clinton has a new book out explaining how to fix the economy. Specifically, the economy of the 90s when he was President. Of course, there is so much to miss about the 90s, not just budget surpluses but also Alt-Country music. To that end, may I present the reconstituted Jayhawks.

Perhaps, because Mark Olson left his wife, Victoria Williams and subsequently left the Hillbilly Creek Honeydrippers (or whatever they called themselves), he has rejoined his old mates. I still think the Olson-less “Smile” record was the Jayhawks best, but I did miss the harmonies that Olson and Gary Louris (pictured with editor) perfected. Sadly, I don’t think they performed one song off of “Smile” during the set I saw recently. I vowed I would hate the the show if they didn’t do “Take Me With You (When You Go), and since they did the show was a success! Kudos.

Another 90s Icon is making the rounds. Matthew Sweet is touring to promote the 20th Anniversary of his seminal “Girlfriend” album, and performing it from start to finish. “Girlfriend” is another lephilistine essential album, so this show was a must. Sadly, poorly attended by Obesatard, USA. Playing with the Velvet Crush rhythm section, Sweet rocked his Ruebenesque ass off. Still has the chops…with a side of mashed potatoes. Oops.

Here’s another photo taken recently with professional football guy, Chris Hoke. I swear, I’m a normal sized person. Must stop posing with giants.

Speaking of the football, I bet a lot of Penn State players are wishing they had worn swimsuits in the showers. Apparently, former coach Jerry Sandusky had a eye for talent. Known as a brilliant tactician and inventor of the squat thrust, Sandusky was known for his light workouts and his multiple calls to “hit the showers.” He will be missed.

And finally, our hearts go out to the grandchildren of “Family Circus” creator Bil Keane, who died and will now, presumably, be haunting them.