While some Tea Party Republicans are fading in the polls, such as Christine O’Donnell and Carl Paladino, one Tea Partier is making kaiser blade pie out of his opponent. Long-shot Karl Childers is aiming to cut down Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln with his down-home sensibilities and subdued manners.

Running on a platform of fiscal responsibility and a love of french fried taters, Childers has captured the imagination of still operators, toothless stumble bums and the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce. As he campaigns around the hollers, hollows, trailer parks and crystal meth labs of Arkansas, Childers is often joined by fellow Tea Pots, Michelle Bachmann, Todd Palin and Glenn Beck.

“He’s just an honest to goodness American,” weeped Mr. Beck. “I…love…me…Karl.”

Poised to take back both the House and Senate, Republicans and the Chinese are pouring millions of dollars into Childers media campaign. Ads with messages like, “be good to that boy,” and “Harry Reid is funny. Not ha-ha funny,” are filling up the airwaves.

“We was at the casino in Hot Springs,” said Tea Party couple Golly Neds and Smelly Belle Loopkins, “just to see Karl. We was kicked out for spitting tabacki juice on some Socialist Mexican from the Tides Foundation.”

Even what could be perceived as gaffes are turning out to be campaign gold for Childers. When he threatened to chop Ms. Lincoln up just like he done his mama during a live debate the crowd roared their approval. Even debate moderator Guy Fieri had to concede to Ms. Lincoln, “Karl got you! Damn!”

While he has yet to commit to a position on Obamacare, Childers is poised to become the decisive vote in overturning the bill that has provided much needed health coverage to thousands of Arkansans as well as lowering the deficit.