With less than 30 months to go before the next presidential election, Sarah Palin is back to book learnin’. Still stinging from the revelations in the book “Game Change” that showed Sarah believing that Saddam was behind 9-11, that Africa was a country, and that the Founding Fathers of America all came over together on the Mayflower and literally “found” America, she has decided to “get smart!” Wearing her smart glasses and her smarty pants, Sarah has been studying with noted conservative scholars at the Heritage Foundation to prepare for her eventual debates with Barack Obama.

However, according to sources, it isn’t going as well as some had hoped. Some concepts remain out of her ability to grasp. From her curriculum, come these exchanges:

Please describe the peace process in the Middle East? (Jesus was the Prince of Peace and he was a Jew, right? I mean, Jewish American.)

What are the major tenants of Islam? (Seems like theys all named Mohammed. Todd said they eat babies.)

Describe the relationship between the U.S. and China: (Oh, we even got a Chineyman in Wasilla. He runs the Clorox and Sudafed store. He don’t have front teeth.)

When news of these answers were leaked, Ms. Palin’s approval ratings soared. Rupert Murdoch was so impressed by the nuances of her answers that he proposed to replace Chris Wallace with Palin as the host of “Fox Sunday.”

In a related story, Todd Palin has sold the rights to his life story to Kevin Federline for a posted-dated check in the amount of “like a trillion dollars.”