Huzzah! I watched 2 new sitcoms that premiered last week and am happy to report that neither sucked. Sitcom, a German word meaning to find humor at the expense of others, has become a neglected format on mainstream television. With very few shows trying to recreate the glory days of “All in the Family” and “Fish,” television has become a repository for cop dramas, law dramas, cop and law dramas, medical emergency dramas and really cool dance shows.

FotoFlexer_MchaleSchwartzmanWell, “Community” and “Bored to Death” are about to change all that. “Community” has a weak premise; a group of mismatched and ethnically diverse community college students form a study group, ostensibly so that star Joel McHale can woo a blonde. It’s full of standard sitcom stuff: sexual tension, ethnic stereotypes, age discrimination and “life lessons.” However, it works because McHale uses his inner Bill Murray to full effect. He’s a smarmy, flip smart-ass coasting through life but you kind of root for him. It also has the meta habit of constantly referencing itself as a television show. 2 episodes in and I think it will survive and replace the not-so-funny “Parks and Recreation” as Thursday must-see-tv.

Meanwhile, over on HBO comes “Bored to Death,” a Jason Schwartzman sitcom that seems to not emphasize the com part of it. Schwartzman plays his usual put-upon schlub kidult who can’t make relationships work, can’t focus because of drugs and alcohol and seems to live in a fantasy world. His best friend, played by the awkwardly hilarious and ubiquitous Zach Gallifinakis doesn’t provide many laughs either, but the 2 actors work well together. This week’s episode co-stars Kristen Wiig, so maybe the laughs will come. Still, as far as quirky television shows go, it’s worth seeing.

News flash: I had lunch with with Jake Gyllenhal today. Well, I had coffee and a croissant and Jake had lunch. Looked like a grilled chicken salad. Not really sure since we weren’t sitting at the same table. However, we were in the same Whole Foods, even though we both should be honoring a boycott. Gyllenhal: I wish I could quit him!