So my friend John Elisco who used to fancy himself to be John from Cincinnati has released a CD titled “Home-Maders.” (Song 4 is “Ponytailed Surfer Girl”; too bad HBO cancelled that show.) The irony of the title is, of course, that he spent some coin and recorded it in a proper studio. The result is pretty damn good. I’d compare it to that first Sean Lennon CD, though not as heavy on the bosa nova. Definitely a Beatles/Kinks influence throughout. And the best part? It’s free. That’s right, free!

And more good news. Hendrix College (KHDX) in Conway, Arkansas has recently added Home-maders to their active playlist.  Home-maders can also be heard on Rutgers Radio (WRSU-FM) at Rutgers University.  “Like I Do”, the second track, was featured on WYEP’s Local News. To get a copy of Home-maders, send an e-mail to

With the money you’ve saved getting John’s free CD, you can run out and purchase the new Matthew Sweet CD, “Sunshine Lies.” Awesome as usual for the “Brian Wilson” of our generation. Though some might say Brian Wilson is the Brian Wilson of my generation.