Wow. History is not going to be kind to the presidential candidacy of one John Quincy McCain. This has been an entire campaign of Dukakis in the tank moments. Of Bob Dole falling off of a stage still clutching his pen highlights. Of Dan Quayle struggling to spell potato.

A conspiracy theorist might be lead to believe that the GOP threw this fight. Hell, the country is in such a mess that 85% of the public says we’re heading in the wrong direction. I won’t quible about the Earth’s rotation being fixed, but that’s still a lot of people. Hey, would you want to take over this job? Me neither. Let the Dems take a crack at it and see if they can fix it. Come back in eight years and fight communism.

Still, one has to wonder about the constantly changing positions of the camp McCain. The fixation with William Ayers, the not-so-radical education professor and the obsession with Joe the Plumber, the not-so-Joe-named unlicensed plummer. And finally, socialism. Really, Mac? On the heels of the financial bailout which you supported you’re going to wield the socialism rapier? Oh, how blunt.

And do we need to even mention the Palin familia? With 6 days to go I am confident that Todd is going to get busted for marijuana possession. Maybe not $150,000 worth, but enough to prove his Libertarian street cred. I just feel it.

Well, at least we’ll have four years to wonder about RomneyBot 2012. I hear he’s almost human.