So the President seemed sleepy at the first debate in Denver last week. Unless Mitt can lie his way out of wanting to bankrupt the Detroit auto industry he cannot win Ohio. Impossible. The President has an insurmountable lead. Add up the electoral college votes in the projected blue states and it’s starting to look like a blow out. Not fuzzy math, just basic arithmetic.

In 2008, Mitt didn’t spend enough to upset John McCain, who still seems to be in a perpetual state of upset. Beginning in 2011, Mitt began the process of buying the GOP nomination. He outspent his ludicrous opponents by enormous sums of money and still had a difficult time putting away Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum. Think about that! Remember those names!

Now Mitt has to run against an incumbent president with a growing economy and an okay approval rating. Oh, and the President has as much or more money to spend than Mitt.

Oh, and Mitt’s a dick. His entire demeanor is dickish. His uncaffeinated body oozes dickish insincerity. He’s a bully, an oddball, an elitist, but mostly a dick.

So fear not, America, and enjoy the following video.