Regular reader (yes, singular) of this staggering work of idiocy knows how much the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences vexes me. If you can’t give the Coens statues every year then why have the stupid ceremony? To honor Steve Coogan? Please.

I know why “Lee Daniel’s version of Lee Daniel’s Movie Called Lee Daniel’s The Butler” was snubbed. It’s unwatchable, sentimental drivel, but why cruelly ignore “Inside Llewyn Davis?” I watched it, and I’m not sure it isn’t the greatest film ever made ever. Way better than “Citizen Kane,” that unwatchable piece of excrement that has no sense of being Coenesque (trade marked!). The brothers Coen have a way of creating the most likable unlikable characters, and Llewyn Davis might out unlikable all of them. Yes, even Tom Hanks’ Professor G.H. Dorr from “The Ladykillers.”

Ok, so punish Ethan and his brother, but what the hell did Oscar Isaac do to not be nominated for his namesake award? Oh, yeah, he appeared in “Won’t Back Down.” All right, I understand that thinking, but wasn’t working with Maggie Gyllenhal punishment enough? Hey ohhhh! Anyway, what other actor not only had to act his testicles off but also sing, play guitar, hold a cat and stand by while John Goodman chewed the scenery? None. Is it too late/early to give him an Honorary Oscar? Give him Peter O’Toole’s. He shan’t be needing it.

And I rest my case.

FotoFlexer_FreedySpeaking of musicians who travel the globe playing for peanuts even though Spin or Rolling Stone once named them artist or album of the year (I forget and I’m not looking it up for you, singular reader), I saw the great Freedy Johnston recently. Sure he obsessively tuned his guitar and talked a lot between songs, but his voice still rang true and soulful. Not sure why he didn’t perform “Evie’s Tears” or “Two Lovers Stop,” but who am I to question Freedy. Though, at least one angry patron yelled at the photographing Natales to stop blinding everyone with their old timey flash bulbs.

FotoFlexer_Pete DonnellyPete Donnelly of the Figgs, the sometime backing band for Graham Parker when the Rumour can’t get work visas (I assume that’s the reason, otherwise why would Graham effing Parker need so many backing bands? Because everyone loved him in “This is 40?” Not buying it.) opened for Freedy. They even played a few songs together including the Dukes of Stratosphere’s classic “Vanishing Girl.” I know, I don’t get it either. Anyway, they were both a couple of gen’lemen, and we’re grateful they visited with us and especially performed. Pete released a fine record in 2013 called “Face the Bird.” Check it out on Spotify and then buy it, you cheap bastard.

Well, I should have the the Top 20 of 2013 finished soon. Still not sure what the comparison piece will be. Maximum Tom suggested failed presidential candidates, but I just can’t bring myself to compare any musician to Williard “Mitt” Romney with the possible exception of Michael Bolton. And what are the odds of Michael Bolton making our Top 20? Well, you’ll just have to check back to see.

Goodnight, Eric.