fotoflexer_iamsamSo our President makes retard jokes on late night television. So what? Is he really the first one? Didn’t LBJ compare Ho Chi Minh to a retarded poodle on the Jack Paar Show? Well, he should have. The main reason Obama went on “The Tonight Show” was to dumb down his message to the people. Populism is nothing if not gratuitous and superficial. How could Obama sell his recovery plan to the fans of “Small Town News” if he didn’t talk like one of them.

Of course, this is the second time the subject of bowling has gotten him into trouble. God only knows why a Harvard-educated lawyer needs to prove he’s as  regular a guy as Stretch Cunningham and The Dude. Many thought that Obama lost the Pennsylvania Primary because he threw a few gutterballs while Hilary sat at the bar doing shots of Wild Turkey last April. No, he lost Pennsylvania because as a state it is the birthplace of the Klan. True story.

But in fairness to the Keystone State, the citizens weren’t so retarded that they voted McCain/ Palin.  Oops.

Perhaps the bigger question should be why Obama felt the need to appear not only on Jay Leno’s show, but also on ESPN where he chose his NCAA brackets with Andy Katz. Was this some strategic plan to alleviate national fears by appearing folksy and cornpone? How many times did he use the phrase, “whole buncha folks?” And why Andy Katz? Why not Dick Vitale?

Obama needs to appear to be a little more serious, not less. As the Goldman Sachs crew running Treasury continue to invest our money poorly, the President needs to stop talking about the Tar Heels, Puddin’ Pops and Portuguese Water Dogs and start talking about criminal investigations and asset seizures. How’s that for populism?

Speaking of the poopular, or sort of poopular, The Decemberists latest madcapped genius CD “The Hazards of Love” was released today. Apparently, it is a rock opera. Definitely only for the cool kids – and you know who you are.

Only 2 weeks until Opening Day! Have the Yankees applied for any bailout money yet?