Of course that headline is a rhetorical question since the idea of raising the debt ceiling is a Democratic idea, however, since the hostage negotiations have begun none of the political leaders have offered any Democratic ideas. Both sides keep talking about spending cuts, mostly from programs that benefit the poor and elderly. The President keeps stating that cutting everything, including Social Security and Medicare is on the table.

Really? We’re going to cut programs that actually put money back into the economy. We’re going to cut public jobs like teachers, police and fire fighters during the longest period of high unemployment since the Depression. We’re going to kill public works programs to fix our decaying Haiti-like infrastructure. We’re going to cut money for research in medicine, natural sciences and agriculture. We’re going to close our National Parks and Galleries. May as well close down NASA. Oh, right, they did.

And why? Because less than 5% of the nation either agrees with or identifies with the Tea Baggers, who want to cut all the programs that make up these somewhat United States. The 5% Mandate that has a Democratic controlled Senate and a Democratic Administration held hostage. It’s enough to make Speaker Boehner weep like a wuss. It makes you wonder how St. Reagan was able to raise the debt ceiling 17 times when he was president.

How did we get here? Iraq and Afghanistan. A spending spree that makes the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seem frugal by comparison. Look at all the Budgets during the W years and you will not find line items for either war. Nothing. Not bullets. Not troop transport. Not even cash to thaw out Captain America. Spoiler alert! These wars are our national debt and somehow Seniors and the poor are at fault.

Please save us, Sufjan Stevens: