With the release of “The Silver Age” on Merge, Bob Mould‘s musical career has now existed for 5 decades. That is if you include that electronic stuff he was doing 10 years ago. Not sure many “fans” do. Hey, I own “Beaster” so that makes me a dedicated fan. I’m also 1 of 7,000 people who purchased “Black Sheets of Rain.” I’m huge. I go all the way back to “Zen Arcade” and “New Day Rising.”

I even own the Husker Du cover of the “Mary Tyler Moore” theme song. Point is, I spend a lot of money on entertainment. That’s why it pleases me so much to encourage you (lone reader) to run out and buy his new CD. If you only know Bob Mould from his early punk days or his gloomy solo days or power popping days with Sugar, then now is as good as any time to get reacquainted. Hell, most people probably know him best for having written the theme song for “The Daily Show.” Not too shabbly. (Bonus points if you remember his “Little Drummer Boy” duet with Craig Kilborn!)

Anyway, here’s a tease from the new disc. Here’s Bob dressed like Easy E performing on “Late Night.” Stay until the end for Dave’s honest assessment of the song. Enjoy: