Counting down the days until the release of the new Guns-n-Roses CD “Chinese Democracy,” I have decided to bid you HH as Slash. It has taken so long to produce this record that China has, in fact, embraced democracy. Of course, a record that takes over 10 years to make comes with a lot of high expectations to which it cannot possibly live up. Add to the fact that a song from the record will be used in the new James Bond movie, “Quantum of Soul Food” and you have a recipe for unfavorable backlash.  Back to me, though. I’m not sure if I look more like Slash or Jeff Lynne of ELO fame. Who cares as long as I get loads of FREE candy!

Her Mims and I will be tricks and treating dressed as Guitar Hero. Hope the neighbors have plenty of Snickers (so satisfying!) and Ketel One (even more satisfying!). Oh, and I hope they’re not mad that I’ve been planting Palin 2012 signs in their yards. I thought Halloween was supposed to be scary. Call me crazy.

Hats off to the Philadelphia Phillies for winning their second World Series in franchise history. I wish I could have attended today’s parade and joined all the Philadelphians who were booing them for not winning more.