I know Dad Rock is supposed to be an insulting term that references muffin tops hanging over Bermuda shorts while dorks listen to uncool music, but it is anything but. My dad listened to Pink Floyd and Procol Harum with giant headphones wrapped around his shiny head. He liked the way the cash registers shot back and forth between his ears on “Money.” Does that make him a dork? True, towards the end of his life he acquired a like for Ricky Martin songs but he was on a lot of medicine.

My dad had a way with cool. He looked good in a mustache. Rarely wore a winter coat. Tipped gas station employees. Did cool things. When I was 9 years old, he found time out from working 2 jobs to come to one of my Little League games. It was the night I hit my first home run. After the game, instead of celebrating with a sno cone or some Bubs Daddy bubble game, he took me to his favorite watering hole. He had a J&B with water while I nursed a Buck Rogers. He told the all the guys about my home run. Thinking about it today – it still feels cool.

So while I cannot celebrate Father’s Day other than in spirit (or spirits, maybe a J & B), I can honor my father by listening to a little dad music. Two of the better Dad’s making music are releasing solo records this summer. Jeff Tweedy has taken time off from fronting Wilco and Hamilton Leithauser is moving on from The Walkmen to present us with, what I assume will be, 2 masterpieces.

I have been fortunate enough to have seen Wilco 6 times, and have even had the pleasure to meet Jeff. What a mensch! I even got to see his new solo show. Here’s a video that Tweedy’s son, who is also his touring drummer, made for the song “The Whole Love.” http://vimeo.com/28487755

Here’s a video of Ham getting knocked down in “I Retired.”

Enjoy. And, as always, buy some music.