Sure, Herman “Herb” Cain doesn’t know shit from shinola, but he didn’t call himself “Herb”. That was Sarah Palin. And as a fan of the liberal media, I can understand Bill Maher and company attacking Herb for not being the brightest knife in the ice cube tray. Afterall, Herb claims the President doesn’t need to know anything. The President’s job is to lead. He will have a staff of poindexters to keep him informed of countries and branches of government and such. I still think Herb is more articulate than Sarah Palin, and I also think that there are dumber candidates running on the GOP ticket.

For instance, Ron Paul believes the Earth is 6000 years old and that dinosaurs and Moses drank tea together. And he’s a medical doctor! An Ob/Gyn to be specific. Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann also believe great white peepaw in the sky created the earth around 6000 years ago. All of the candidates, with the exception of soon to be Independent Jon Huntsman, have been anti-science, anti-education and anti-brains. 3 of the candidates have stated that God told them to run. Either God doesn’t understand our system of government which doesn’t allow for 3 presidents, or 2 of them are liars. Make that, 3 of them are idiots. And lest we forget, 2 of them believe the comic stylings of conman Joseph Smith.

We can go on about the gerbil sized brains on display at the GOP debates. We can even make exceptions for Rick Perry because clearly alcohol is destroying his noodle. But let’s not only call Herb Cain dumb. And let’s also remember that whomever the candidate is that the GOP nominates, they will still win at least 25 states. Library-free states, but nonetheless.

Now let’s watch Eric Cantor introduce Herb Cain: