Our reader knows that the Low Anthem finished in the Top 20 of our annual best music slash best moustache poll. What you don’t know is that the editorial board decided to pay them a visit disguised as Bad Blake. Yes, the fictional character. “Another McClure’s, please.”

So the tickets read: Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. Her Mims figured that the opening act would finish up around 8:30pm just as she was making her way from work to the show. She arrived in time to see Bad Blake yelling at the band as they played their final song. Again, I apologize.

In other Low Anthem news, they’ve added a 4th member whom they claim to have met as he hitchhiked in Europe.  Oh, so we’re country dropping now. Is that it? Anyway, I think the newbie throws off the dynamic. I liked watching 3 people jumping around to play 20 different instruments. The 4th guy’s like new Darren. Not a fan.

Etouffe and Planet Roz tried to keep my spirits up by telling me to lay off the McClure’s.  Oh, and also to stop requesting “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road.” I don’t see why they couldn’t cover Loudon Wainwright III. I know he’s not Brown material, but then who is?

Ben Knox Miller, apparently. Here he is trying to engage Roz in a staring contest. I told him, “Son, keep your chin up.” And I’m not really sure he knows a lot about Charles Darwin. Plus, why was he wearing a sleep mask? And while we’re on the subject, one of the “instruments” Ben played was his cell phone. Gawd! Now every jack ass with a ring tone and a Cricket account is going to declare themselves to be a musician.

Here I am with bassist/drummer/bassist again/ guitar playing Jeff Prystowsky. He claims to be an amateur baseball historian so of course I had to challenge his knowledge. You’re going down, Prystowsky!

First question: bigger feet – Barry Bonds or Cap Anson?

Next: Indicted in cocaine scandal – Lonnie Smith or Frank “Home Run” Baker?*

Finally: Which pitcher threw out the inaugural pitch for both the Seattle Pilots and the Seattle Mariners.

0 for 3. Take a seat on the bench, Prystowsky. Now buy me another McClure’s.

* Trick question. Cocaine was legal when Baker played.