FotoFlexer_thorFans of “Macbeth” will have to wait until the wrap party on “Thor” that Kenneth Branagh is set to direct and which will star Natalie Portman.  “Thor” is an early Marvel comic featuring the adventures of the Norse god of thunder.  Hopefully, Branagh can explain why the movie isn’t set in Norway or Osgaard.

It will also star newcomer Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Portman plays the god’s nurse and love interest, Jane Foster, who gets involved in a love triangle with Thor and his human alter-ego Donald Blake, before briefly becoming a god herself.  Come to think of it, that sounds like the plot of “Macbeth.” Hopefully, this project will rival the success Branagh enjoyed with “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.”

All right, I am getting sick and tired of writing obituaries. Stop dying people I have once come in contact! That includes you, Frank McCourt. Oops, too late.

FotoFlexer_FrankMcThe author of the extraordinarily sad memoir, “Angela’s Ashes,” and apparently the son of Emily Watson and Robert Carlyle died at age 78. The former school teacher was being treated for melanoma and contracted meningitis. I had the pleasure of hearing McCourt read from his works twice, and got to see his “scabby eyes” up close. What a treat! Well, the readings at least. Farewell, you son of Limmerick.

And, finally, Starbuck’s is set to start serving alcohol at select locations. Great, now I won’t have to drink at my desk. Take that, HR Department!