FotoFlexer_FredTravalenaHow insensitive are we to celebrity deaths that the passing of legendary impressionist Fred Travalena doesn’t even warrant a single tear on “Larry King Live?” Or is just Fred pulling off another one of his mind-blowing impersonations, this one of a dead celebrity? Did anyone check the casket for a white, sequined glove?

No glove? Then Fred’s dead. And with him goes his broad repertoire of voices that ranged from Jack Nicholson to Robert DeNiro to Bugs Bunny. He was 66.

Travalena, who began treatment for an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (I thought that was the kind that didn’t kill you!)  in 2002 and saw the disease return last July after going into remission in 2003, died Sunday, June 28th at his home in Encino, according to his publicist, Roger Neal. Travalena also was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2003 but had been in complete remission since then. (God’s not that cruel.)

I will always remember fondly Travalena for his frequent appearances on “The Tonight Show” and “The Mike Douglas Show,” not to mention his ability to always execute “the block” on “Hollywood Squares.”  While most Italian-American performers were either brooding actors or brooding singers, Travalena proved we could also be smark alecks. He was the Chico Marx of the 70s. Just rent some episodes of the original “Love Boat” if you don’t believe me.

Visit for information about a public service and where to send a donation. While you’re there, though, check out his photo page to see a veritable who’s that of Hollywood yesteryear. He has shots of himself with Jon Voight and Dennis Miller, so I assume he went a little right-winger, but he also has a picture with President Clinton so there’s some balance.

Fred “Man of a Thousand Faces” “Mr. Everybody”  Travalena, you will be missed. Again.