Here’s the sitch: I’m developing a grown up comedy with Playground Productions and I want Fred Armisen to star. He’d be perfect! In fact, he could probably play every role and be the new Tony Randall, Eddie Murphy or Mike Myers. But preferably he’d be good.

The movie is based on an unperformed sketch I wrote for the Miracle Players before my sister fired me. Not bitter he said as he washed down his Vicadin with some Ketel One. Not sure why I got to thinking about this “concept” (“we need funding to make it an idea”), but I did and Fred Armisen popped a wheelie in my skull.

Don’t know Fred and I’m not about to research his reps. However, I’m hoping that he’s a vainglorious celebrity who googles his own name incessantly. Therefore: Fred Armisen, Fred Armisen, Fred Armisen.

Let’s make magic.