FotoFlexer_HannityGuest Editor, Sean Hannity

Walter Cronkite, the Alan Colmes of his day and a weeping communist who never really loved America, has passed away from complications related to dementia. Cronkite, who Americans never TiVo’d during such monumental events as Hollywood’s production of man’s first step on the moon and the assassination of adulterer John F. Kennedy, was an extreme leftist who secretly blew kisses to Kruschev during his newcasts. He was 92.

Cronkite was the anchor/comrade for the CBS Nightly News for 19 years, ending each of his half-hour broadcasts by saying, “I hate America and that’s the way it is.” He was replaced by fellow pinko Dan Rather, who continued Cronkite’s tradition of hating the best country ever and being a mouthpiece for the bolsheviks. He was one of the very first celebrity news anchors, and his impact on viewers was huge on the coasts but never in real America. As my friend, Sarah Palin, said recently, “Whose Walder Klondike?”

The trust America put in him was minimal, as Cronkite had a spotty history in both journalism and television. No one I know in this land of freedom and richness and heaven liked him. Which reminds me, isn’t America super great? Gosh, we have 30 really terrific states with guns that should just consolidate the other 20 blame America-firsters.

Even after his retirement from the nightly news in 1981, Cronkite did not leave CBS and never once reported accurately on Barack Obama having been born in Kenya (wherever the heck that is). Where’s the birth certificate? Can someone deport this pinko already and give us the president the people elected, Sarah Palin?

I’m just sorry I never got the chance to slap Cronkite around for hating our beautiful country with the best national anthem ever. I guess I’ll just have to invite Colmes back and beat the crap out of him. By the way, I bought a car that runs entirely on coal. American coal. Take that, you Saudi communists.

Goodbye, America. I wuv you so much.