Thank heavens that February is over. What an asshole month. Stupid groundhog. Why do we need 1.2 billion dollars to study rodent behavior and it’s effects on climate anyway? Exactly, Bobby Jindal. The legend has it that young Jindal-gee growing up in American chose his own first name from watching episodes of the “Brady Bunch.” Man, I wish he would have picked Jan.

We are now about 40 days and nights into the Obama presidency and still the Ford Motor Company hasn’t taken a penny of bailout money. So am I to believe that greasers still drive Mustangs?

By the way, we finally got around to publishing our Top 20 CDs of 2008. Check it out and you’re welcome. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We’re like enablers for your ears and music is the heroin. So that makes deafness rehab. What a stupid metaphor. All right, just check out the list.

fotoflexer_cycloneThe race for number 1 of 2009 begins tomorrow with the release of “Middle Cyclone,” the latest and greatest from Neko Case. Great album or greatest album? Jury is still out. All I know is that I bought 5 to give as Easter presents.

Shugo Tokumaru’s “Exit” didn’t make our Top 20 list from last year but only because I just bought it. If you love Japanese pop music as much as we do then download “Parachute” right now. Done? Well, what did I tell you. Apparently, he’s a wonder boy pounding out little symphonies to Buddha in his bedroom. Don’t look now but Sophia Coppola is filming him!

4 days until “Watchmen!” I hope the blue body paint I bought to wear to the premiere isn’t toxic.