Our editorial board was not really paying attention to the contrived controversy of the proposed building of a mosque/community center near the site of the former Twin Towers until MacArthur Genius Grant non-recipient Sarah Palin weighed in. Speaking as if she’d conferred with Wade Gustafson and Stan Grossman, Palin made the outrageous claim that this wasn’t a good deal. Aw, jeez.

Palin logic says that if the 100 mosques already in NYC didn’t generate enough good spirit to prevent 9/11, then what good will a 101st do? Maybe she’s correct. Note to Vatican: stop building churches in Europe! They don’t work.

If we are going to take PalinBrain – the fun game for the whole family, even Levi (short for Leviticus, by the way) – to its logical conclusion, then we must immediately halt the construction of a proposed water park in New Orleans. I’m mean, really, isn’t that just rubbing it in? Are they going to have a pool with plywood boards thrown in for people to use as flotation devices? How about contests of how many people can stand on a roof as the water level rises? Bobbing for zombies?

I guess while we’re at it we should tear down all of the Mexican restaurants near the Alamo. No more black and white cookies sold at the Starbuck’s in Gettysburg. No more gingerbread men at Donner’s Pass. We could go on, but we shan’t.

Lost in all of the venting about a peaceful place of worship slash community and recreation center is that Ground Zero is already host to a strip club. “NEVER FORGET – Totally NUDE!” How’s that for honoring the victims? Do the Republicans really want to win back the House of Representatives? Really? Sure doesn’t seem that way.