I accept. When Joe Biden asked me to be his running mate those were only the words that came to mind. When he clarified that by “running mate” he meant “a cup of coffee” I still accepted. You see, I still believe in the immortal words of that one Kennedy dude who said, “Ask not for your country. But ask for a chicken in every pot. Ich bin ein Berliner.”

This year’s Democratic National Convention has made that point abundantly clear: we are all Berliners. Whether we are wearing funny hats on the convention floor or whether we are arguing with Chris Matthews about Barack Obama being a Muslim, we are Berliners. Whether we are the Obama children hamming it up with their declarations of love or Hillary Clinton pleading with her Jim Jones-like followers to try another Kool Aid, we are Berliners. Whether we are former Virginia Governor Mark Warner wondering how big a lead we would have over John McCain had we been able to get a few delegates or whether we are Jon Stewart trying to appear satiric when clearly we are in our glory, we are Berliners.

So enjoy it folks, because by the time the Republican National Convention takes place it’s going to feel Old Timey again. And by “Old Timey” I mean, Jim Crow Laws. Yikes.

Speaking of Jim Crow, why has the word “muslim” become tantamount to calling someone a terrorist? We do all know that every Muslim isn’t a terrorist, right? Right? The cable “news” Idiocrats all like to associate “muslim” as a pejorative implying terrorism. In fact our own home grown Goebbels, Pat Buchanan and Karl Rove, like to keep beating a drum that says Americans will not vote for a man with a “muslim” sounding name. Well, Democrats sure voted for him, so I guess that makes them not Americans.

I am a Berliner.

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